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1949 MG TC – Ref 400

1949 MG TC in “used but not abused” condition and in the condition.

We used to remember driving them in years ago before the MOT and still with its original factory fitted engine, being engine number XPAG6688 and chassis number TC6036. As can be seen, the body tub and other parts of the body, being both the front and rear wings, bonnet, petrol tank etc. are all still in very good sound condition, note how the doors close flush onto the body tub. The chrome work to headlights, side lights, windscreen frame and other parts related to the MG are in good condition. The MG also has an excellent set of wheels.

The condition of the engine is in “as driven ” condition and showing a good oil pressure and also sounds nice when the engine is idling and also when being driven. It has been used consistently over the last twenty years by its previous owner. The chassis and its related parts are in sound condition. The paintwork is not marvellous, but still very acceptable.The MG has been fitted with directional indicators fitted into the front and rear lights.

The hood and side screens which come with the car need to be improved or replaced. It is not often that you find MG TC’s in this type of condition being that it is very usable and needing a little “tender loving care” The MG has been inspected and now passed the MOT having had the brakes, engine, steering column and other smaller issues rectified. I stress that this is an ideal car for someone who is an MG enthusiast who would be happy to spend the occasional weekend tiding it up.


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