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1949 MG TC – Ref 410

This MG TC has been in the same family ownership for over fifty years and it appears that it was totally restored.

When inspecting the underside of the chassis, you can see that all of the chassis (see my pictures)and its related parts have been totally restored and since its restoration it appears that the MG has had little use in wet weather conditions. The body work to the MG, being the front and rear wings, bonnet, front apron, petrol tank and running boards are all still in excellent condition and the main (tub) body frame is also in very sound condition, note how well the doors close flush onto the body tub. The paintwork to the whole of the MG is still in very good condition and the chrome work is in average condition. The MG is still fitted with its original (matching numbers) factory fitted engine being engine number XPAG9356 to chassis number TC8613.The MG is also fitted with an excellent set of wheels and also fitted with an excellent set of tyres.

The interior trim has “patina” from being constantly used, there is a complete set of side screens, a (shower proof) hood and a new full length tonneau which requires fitting. The engine to the MG shows a good oil pressure when both idling and when being driven and has the classic sounds of an MG TC, there is a good charge showing on the amp meter when the car is being driven.The dash panel has an excellent array of original instruments. When driving the MG, the gears slip in and out of the gearbox with no apparent problems to the clutch as driving up hills it still pulls with ease and stops very easily when applying the brakes. This is the ideal car for the person who would just like to own and drive a classic MG sports car of the 1940’s with “patina”.


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