A collection of spares for Triple M, T and Y type MG’s.

A collection of spares for Triple M, T and Y type MG’s, including a pre selector gearbox, new and second hand J2 bonnets, wheels, new J3 exhaust, new J4 water pump, TC brake drums, J2 front and rear (used) wings, “M.G.Road Cars” by Malcolm Green, 4 cylinder Scintilla Vertex magneto, new MG supercharger drive shaft coupling, Y type front wings, J sump, rocker cover and many, many other parts listed on the enclosed list of spares and price list.

All prices are EXCLUSIVE of post and package

  1. Six 4.50x19″ tyres, suitable for rolling a chassis around only, £100.
  2. Five good 4.50x19″ centre lace wheels, one with a good tyre,all with sound spokes, £425.
  3. Three good 4.50x19″ outside lace wheels all with sound spokes £225.
  4. Two good 4.50x19″ centre lace wheels all with sound spokes and one usable tyre, £150.
  5. Pair of MG P type ? body frame support irons, £125.
  6. MG J2 bonnet with excellent top and modifications to side £130.
  7. MG J2 bonnet, NEW and unused, £375.
  8. MG J2, pair or doors with hinges,SOLD.
  9. MG TC off side rear wing,.SOLD.
  10. MG J2 scuttle, very good condition,SOLD
  11. MG J2 Pair of rear wings £175.
  12. Triple M MG prop shaft tunnel, NEW £50.
  13. Pair of bucket seats with seat slides £125
  14. MG J2, pair of original swept front wings, £250.
  15. Pair of second hand MG J2 running boards, £25.
  16. MG Y type, pair of front wings and one rear wing £225.
  17. MG J2, modified mottled aluminium dash panel, £50.
  18. Front apron, suitable for J type MG special, £20.
  19. Sound pair of front wings look suitable for MG P type £250.
  20. NEW 7/37 crown wheel and pinion£225.
  21. MG J2 camshaft (re-profiled) £50, crankshaft £100, draft excluder SOLD, pair road springs, diff casing, with bearing caps, housing for two star diff, one door lock with cover and one cover SOLD, late MG M (type DDS) dynamo SOLD front engine mount, oil filler and cap, front camshaft stand with cap and horn SOLD
  22. MG TA/TB/TC four brake drums with four brake shoes with NEW linings £150.
  23. MG TC cylinder head,camshaft,engine support plate and oil filter with oil pipe £225.  SOLD
  24. MG TC starter motor (two) £50 each, ideal for part exchange for new.
  25. Pair “Lucas” LB140 headlamps with U flute lenses, need restoring SOLD
  26. Pair “Lucas” L140 headlamp bowls, one with frosted glass £45pr.
  27. Pair brass “Lucas” headlights with frosted glass, need attention £60pr.
  28. Pair “Lucas” headlights seven and a half inch rims £50.
  29. Pair (chrome good) “Lucas” seal beam lights 8″ rims, without bowls SOLD
  30. “Lucas” bowl and reflectors SOLD
  31. “Lucas” DJ6A distributor £50.
  32. MG Road Cars, Volume One-Four cylinder OHC by Malcolm Green, virtually new condition £150.
  33. MG Road Cars, volume two- six cylinder OHC by Malcolm Green virtually new condition £175.
  34. “The MG Workshop Manual” by W.E. Blower, (M type to MG TF1500) virtually new condition £25.
  35. Original MG TC speedo,(condition unknown) £175.
  36. SU 30% carburettor bowls, carburettor and linkages SOLD
  37. MG J3 exhaust manifold (NEW) SOLD
  38. MG J4 dash panel,(NEW) £125.
  39. MG J4 front cowl (NEW) SOLD
  40. MG J3 “Jackson” design supercharger inlet manifold (NEW) SOLD
  41. MG J4 side plates for supercharger cowl (NEW) SOLD
  42. “Scintilla” Vertex 4 cylinder Magneto SOLD
  43. MG J4 oil filter (NEW)SOLD., MG J4 water pump (NEW) SOLD, MG J4 oil elbow (NEW) £150.
  44. S.Smith one and a half inch carburettor and bowl £250.
  45. “Scintilla” Vertex 4 cylinder magneto £150.
  46. Supercharger drive shaft coupling (NEW) £250.
  47. ENV (type 75) pre selector gearbox which has been totally (invoices for nearly £4000) rebuilt by Tom Dark and never and never used,SOLD
  48. Car badges, MG Car Club, A-A and RAC £60 .
  49. Volumex outlet manifold with MG motif together with inlet manifold (all NEW) SOLD
  50. Supercharger rear support U tube together with appropriate supports (New)SOLD
  51. MG J4 torsion cables and brackets (NEW) SOLD
  52. EARLY VICTORIAN J. Bolding bath and shower mixer taps with shower attachment £275 together with matching H & C taps £95 all need refurbishing.

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